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We can supply various kinds of rollers used in different parts in elevator and escalator such as main roller, step roller, roller guide...

Besides standard rollers, we can also ...
1. Rated speed: <=2.54m/s

2. Allowable gross mass: 2000-8330kg

Technical parameters:
1. Rated speed V: ≤1.8m/s
2. Allowable gross mass: 900kg-2500kg
1. Rated Speed: 0.25-1.0m/s

2. Allowable gross mass: 900-4250kg
We can provide various escalator comb and demarcations for brands like Mistubushi, OTIS, Schindler.
We can provide many kinds of escalator V-belt and V-belt rollers for OTIS, Schindler and Toshiba at good quality, good price and good availability. Pls contact us with your demand.

Technical parameters:
1. Rated speed V: 1.75m/s-2.0m/s
2. Allowable gross mass: 900kg-2500k
1. Rated speed: <=1.0m/s

2. Allowable gross mass: 600-2500kg
1. Rated Speed: 1.75m/s
2. Allowable gross mass: 900-3500kg

We can supply all kinds of oil buffer, If you are interested in our products and our company, please ...

Technical parameters:
1. Rated speed V: 1.0m/s-1.6m/s
2. Allowable gross mass: 900kg-3500kg
Name: Traction machine(elevatorparts)
Model No.: 13VTR
Product Description: Load: 600kg--3000kg
Speed: 0.4m/s--1.75m/s
Product Introduce:

Applied on the elevator either with remote control rope brake asascending car over speed protection device, or with the toothless traction machine having a ...
1. Rated Speed: 0.25m/s-1.0m/s

2. Rope tensing force: ≥500N

3. Diamrter of wire rope: Diamer 6mm

4. Sheave diameter: Diamer 200mm
We can provide Step Demarcations for various Escalator bands like OTIS, Schindler, Mitsubushi, Kone at high quality and competitive cost. Pls contact us with your requirement.

Knitting Width
Max Knitting Width 44 inch (112 cm)

Needle Gauge
3.5.7 multi gauge 57101214

Knitting System
Single system

Knitting, tucking, ...
Name: Handrail cover
Description: Wearable, protect the handrail strap.

If you are interested in our products and our company, please kindly let us know your need, we will try ...
1. Rated Speed: <=2.0m/s

2. Allowable gross mass: <=2800kg

3. Width of guide rails: 0, 6mm
The quality of our escalator guide rail reaches international advanced standard. We are able to develop high precision escalator guide rails of all kinds for customers at any time. ...
lnstalled at the entrance of escalator or walk-way to provide the controller start and accelerating signal when passenger passes through.
WECO provides a flexible solution for ...
We can supply all kinds of chains for escalator and auto-walk at good price and good quality.

We can supply chains for escalator brand like schinder, kone, thyssenkrupp, ...
Operating environment: —20temperature—+65temperature, 100, 000LUX
Vertical tolerance: +/-10mm, 10degree
Horizontal tolerance: +/-5mm, 7degree
Detecting height: 20mm—1841mm ...
Elevator push button for Kone elevato/elevator parts/push button / push button for Kone

Model No: KDS50, round shape, KM NO: 863320
elevator door guide shoe for Kone elevator/escalator parts/door guide shoe /door guide shoe for Kone
SN Company Color O.D Width I.D Bearing Remark
30 Otis Blue 76.2 22 20 204 Skeleton